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If you’ve been the victim of emotional or bodily harm, then you might have grounds for a personal injury case. Depending on the details of the situation, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Selecting a personal injury attorney is an important part of starting that process. In order to make that process smoother, we’ve prepared a list of questions to ask when selecting the right personal injury attorney for you and your case.

1. What experience in personal injury cases do you have?

There is a clear difference between an experienced personal injury attorney and an attorney that occasionally practices personal injury law. This injury or incident has hurt you or a family member emotionally or physically and that entitles you to the highest monetary compensation possible. Choosing someone with experience will ensure that.

2. Will you be the attorney handling my case?

You need to know every way to contact your attorney. If there is a team, you need to meet with the person who is directly handling your case. Other similar questions to ask would be, “Is a less experienced attorney handling the case?” and, if so, “Who is supervising them?”

3. Do you have the team and time necessary to work on the case now?

Workload is another thing to consider when hiring an attorney or team. Find out how many cases are pending and the time that will be spent on your case. This will allow you to have confidence in your attorney and get the ball rolling right away.

4. Will my case actually go to trial and when?

It is necessary to know the in-court experience of the attorney. Should your case go to trial, do they have the experience in presenting the case? Do they know what questions to ask and what statements to make? An attorney with court experience can also keep you filled in on the timeline of your case.

5. What is my case worth?

A general projection of how much you could potentially receive should be made. The attorney on your personal injury case should also be able to explain the various factors that take place in this estimate. Some example factors are discovery, liability, and preexisting medical conditions which can all impact the final verdict.

6. What is the contingency fee?

The contingency is the amount of money paid to the attorney if they are to win the case. This is important to know, especially when comparing to the costs the attorney believes you are entitled to for the case. Comparing this fee along with other experience and projections from different attorneys is helpful when pinpointing your final choice.

7. Who will be responsible for the out-of-pocket fees in the event that the lawsuit is unsuccessful?

You will want to go with an attorney who is experienced and has a record of success in winning money that you are entitled to for your personal injury case. However, in this imperfect world, it’s important to consider all possible outcomes. You want to be fully informed of what you are responsible for should the case lose.

8. How long will it take to resolve this personal injury lawsuit?

You are going through the pain of your accident in real time and, the longer a case is drawn out, the more it could cost you in stress and emotions. It will be different for everyone as each case is unique, but an experienced attorney can give you a realistic timeline for the steps of your personal injury case.

9. Am I able to participate in the lawsuit?

Many attorneys do not allow for you to participate in the lawsuit and would prefer to do it alone while others would like for you to be involved in the case.  Based on your passion and desire for involvement in your case, this can also help your final verdict.

10. Why should I choose you to be my personal injury attorney?

You need to hire the attorney that offers the best opportunity for your case. Having c connection with your attorney builds trust. When it comes down to a couple of attorneys to choose from with very similar background and promise, the personal connection will get more passion for your case.

Getting answers to these questions before you hire a personal injury attorney can greatly impact the outcome of your case. It is your lawsuit and whoever you choose needs to be able to meet your qualifications on your own terms. Any attorney that isn’t willing to make your needs and questions a priority isn’t the right attorney for you.

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