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A Google search for “personal injury lawyer fort myers” yields over 3 million results. That’s a lot of options and the process of choosing can feel overwhelming. After narrowing down the list and scheduling a few consultations, the next step is to decide what exactly one’s looking for in a lawyer. It’s important to choose the best option to ensure a successful personal injury case. To get started, here are six traits that every top personal injury lawyer should possess.

1. Strong Communication Skills

The best personal injury lawyers have incredible communication skills, in and out of the courtroom. A good lawyer should be able to communicate a case in a progressive, effective manner to the judge and/or jury. They should also be able to communicate well with a client and keep them on the same page throughout all the procedures.

2. Personal Injury Legal Experience

The right personal injury lawyer will have an extensive background in personal injury law. Often in personal injury, clients will choose to settle rather than going to court. It’s important that a lawyer has experience in negotiating and securing injury settlements. A top personal injury lawyer will also have a comprehensive knowledge of the local Florida injury laws that tend to differ in specific areas.

 3. Empathy & Understanding

This is a stressful time. When setbacks or obstacles occur, a client should have a lawyer that can empathize, understand the circumstances, and really get on the client’s level in order to get the optimal results. A successful personal injury lawyer gets the job done while still being available to answer any questions and make the process as easy as possible for the client.

4. Comprehensive Knowledge of Legal Process

There are many tedious details in a personal injury case, including medical bills, lost income, questions from insurance adjusters, health insurance forms, and more. These details can overwhelm a client who’s also coping with serious injuries. A good lawyer should be reliable and able to assist with these procedures and any questions that arise.

5. Persistence & Determination

Persistence and determination may seem like obvious qualities, but that doesn’t mean they’re always present. Research client testimonials and other factors that will prove the existence of these characteristics. A top personal injury lawyer needs to be ready and willing to fight for a client, no matter the situation.

6. Record of Success

Experience is key in law. This is not a characteristic to take lightly. Ask questions about past cases: how many were won, the amounts secured in settlements, why any cases were lost, similarities to the personal case at hand, etc. Do the research. A good personal injury lawyer will also have positive feedback such as reviews online, word of mouth, and a concrete reputation in the local Southwest Florida area.

The best way to persevere through tough times is to hire the best personal injury lawyer to help along the way. Look for these characteristics in any lawyer considered to secure a quick and simple journey so you can be back on your feet as soon as possible. Don’t take the search lightly – you deserve the best.


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