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Investor Visas

In the land of opportunity, the U.S. provides visas for entrepreneurs who seek to invest their money, creativity, innovation, and hard work to continue to grow our nation’s economy. We can assist with EB-5, E-2, and L-1 Visas.

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Family Visas

We understand that it is crucial to be successful when administering a family visa. We make this process as painless as possible by handling all guidelines and timelines for completing necessary forms and documentation.

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Removal Defense

Facing deportation can be a terrifying and intimidating experience. We employ aggressive and competent strategies to assist with cancellation of removal, appeals, waivers, and more.


“El Faro de la Inmigración.
The Immigration Lighthouse.”

The lighthouse is both our aspiration as a firm and a reminder of where we came from. Like every generation of Americans before us, we too came searching, looking for a better life. Some crossed oceans, deserts, or even the equator. The dreams and sacrifices, their stories, and our stories are the story of America. The rejected stones become the cornerstone of the nations. “The tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free” became a part of this great nation. And many more share those dreams and hopes for themselves and their families. Our desire is to be that lighthouse for generations of new Americans yet to come. Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your legal counsel in your immigration story. It is truly our privilege and honor to serve you.

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  • Are you ready to become a U.S. citizen?

    Let us be the first to congratulate you! We know how long the road has been to get here. We can help you get across the finish line! We will prepare all documents and guide you through the process. We also provide a study guide to prepare you for the civics portion of the naturalization interview and prepare you with a thorough mock interview.

  • Are you an entrepreneur looking to invest in the U.S.?

    The U.S. economy thrives on the success and dedication of hardworking immigrants. We’re committed to finding solutions for you and your family to help you achieve your own American Dream. If you’re looking to invest in a commercial enterprise in the United States, then we can help you explore your best options for an EB-5, E-2, or L-1 visa.

  • Are you trying to acquire a visa?

    Whether you’re looking for a work, family, marriage, fiancé, or investor visa, we can help you achieve your goals. We will thoroughly explain and guide you through the visa application process and help you obtain the proper documentation for your applications.

  • Are you at risk for removal from the United States?

    Navigating the immigration detention and court proceedings without a lawyer is intimidating and difficult, especially if you are not at fault for removal. We represent clients in immigration court on a regular basis and fight to ensure that no individual is wrongly deported.


  • Ciudadania

    "Gracias a The Hurtado Law Firm y Staff por una experiencia Profesional y Honesta. Durante todo el proceso me tuvieron informado de lo que estaba pasando con mi aplicación, si tenía alguna pregunta siempre estaban disponibles para contestar mis preguntas. Hoy puedo celebrar ser Ciudadano Americano gracias a la asistencia recibida por todo su equipo. Algo tan importante como los trámites de Inmigración se deben de dejar en manos de profesionales como el Equipo de Hurtado Law Firm."
  • Simply great!

    "I can write all my experience with Mr. Hurtado, but I'm not gonna make you lose your time. All that you have to know is that I'm finally at the U.S. thanks to him. He made my dream become true!"
  • Mi Residencia

    "Mi caso fue largo pero desde un principio el abogado Hurtado fue claro en todo lo que se refiere a los requerimientos, a los tiempos, a la honestidad, a la claridad del caso y por supuesto en la seguridad de que íbamos a ganar. Es muy importante cuando hablas con un abogado ver que no te quiere robar el dinero, más bien él quiere ayudarte a lograr tus sueños, por eso yo me sentía tan seguro con el abogado Hurtado, desde un principio él fue claro, él entendió mi situación la hora de conseguir algunas cosas, él me ayudó con todo el proceso de las traducciones y la verdad salió tal y como él lo dijo Y hoy después de 10 años en este país ya tenemos la residencia."
    —T. Raljevic
  • Capacidad profesional, integridad, honestidad y servicio

    "Capacidad profesional, integridad, honestidad y servicio, estos cuatro aspectos mencionados anteriormente son cualidades que distinguen al Abogado Pablo Hurtado en su servicio profesional. Estoy muy agradecido por la manera como condujo mi caso ante inmigración y por los resultados que se alcanzaron. Recomiendo los servicios del Abogado Pablo Hurtado en la seguridad que responderá 100% a la confianza que se ha depositado en el. Si necesitas un abogado de confianza, no dudes en contactarte con el."
  • Visa E2

    "The firm did a great job helping me through the process of my E2 visa. They have a lot of experience on immigrant visas and diligent employees. The service was very professional and the process is very quick."


Pablo S. Hurtado

Founder & Owner

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